About Us

Who are we?

Complete Fone Solutions, merchant wholesalers who specialize in mobile phone accessories, parts and service equipment. Established 2001, from the off CFS has strived to obtain and distribute the highest quality products to the mobile phone industry at the most competitive prices while upholding the highest of standards on quality.


The team at CFS combines experience with customer service and tech Savvy heads. There is no one better to place your trust in when it comes to your needs in the Mobile Phone industry, all our products can be vouched for, if we wouldn’t use it, well, we won’t sell it.


Our experience in the industry speaks for itself, there is no one better qualified to guide you and support you in the mobile phone industry than the team at CFS. Hani, our current MD has been running a successful retail store in the centre of Brighton since 2005, having witnessed the struggle of relying on wholesalers that come up short he decided to make a change and entered into the wholesale industry in order to better the market and improve on the values that form a great wholesaler. Experience can’t be bought but it can be shared.


At CFS we pride ourselves on the standards we have set with regard to customer service. We don’t believe in underwriting when it comes to superior customer service but rather the contrary, as a customer you will be treated with value and appreciation. CFS will work alongside you to better your margins, fill your cabinets and support you on your journey to success.


Products at CFS range from accessories to OEM replacement parts and LCD’s alongside all the tools you’d need for a state of the art repairs. As a customer, you should feel comfortable in making your needs known to your supplier with the knowledge that they will work with you to the best of their ability to fulfil your requirements. If we don’t stock an item of interest we will make arrangements to obtain the product or provide you the avenues to source the product.